Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas and Coziness

I have always been a total sucker for Christmas. The colours are brighter. The fires are warmer. The lattes come in far better flavours. There are countless opportunities for dress-up and no one scoffs at you when you get a little more glam than the occasion requires. Also - and it's a bit embarrassing - I am frequently overcome with the urge to start singing 'Baby it's Cold Outside' and dance on the street with any available and dashing garcon (my friend Matt once briefly indulged me after a few too many pints and it was more or less the MOST fabulous of sloshed experiences). 

So while I am currently putting most of my shopping energy into finding presents for all those wonderful people on my list, here are a few of the things I am loving about this time of year....
Devouring new issues of British Vogue and rediscovering old ones. 
Oh, and also finding myself very drawn to a pair of patent 'slipper' style shoes. Sophisticated androgynous? Yes please. 
Choosing which glittery dress to wear and stumbling upon vintage accessories courtesy of my grandma. 
Snuggling up with a fantastic new novel in my Joe Fresh jammies (yes, I wear matching PJs....but you guys, they feel like heaven, don't shrink and are ridiculously inexpensive. It's love at first slumber).
Giving into the urge to wear my Jules Power headband when I get home and am puttering around my room....because it's as good a reason as any :)


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  1. I love matching pj's :) love your blog.. super cute! glad i found you.. im your newest follower

    xoxo Jessica Rae