Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All tied up in the best of ways

I'm in a bit of a ho hum mood today (I know, an 'I feel' this weird for you guys? I'll keep the sappy stuff short okay??), so as a problem solving mechanism I thought of the two things that would make me happy:
1) fashion
2) presents

Which led me to: FASHION WITH BOWS. Presents come with bows, fun fashion things would be my ideal present, so fashion with bows is basically a blend of these two wonderful all get it, right? 

Anyways, finding these beautiful images cheered up my mood quite a bit and I since it's ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY they certainly have me thinking about potential outfits. How much fun would it be to dress like a beautiful fashion present on my birthday?! Pretty darn fun I think. Let's check out the options, shall we?

 Beginning with accessories, the gorgeous Bow Clutch from Augustina Boutiques in Yorkville. This way you can have a bow around you every day and no one will accuse you of being an outfit repeater. These things are important in the fashion world. 

This dress from Comrags I like to call, 'Baby's First Bow'. You know, for those of you taking your first step into this beautiful bow world.
The 'BIG BAD BOW': This piece is by fashion's new 'It' boy Prabal Gurung. I would say it's clear he's deserving of the title. 

This look by Marc by Marc Jacobs is straight up 'BOWLICIOUS'. The colours! The volume! It's clearly the only technical term that can properly describe it. 

Whoooops! Marc by Marc Jacobs again! 'Back to school Bow' is the name of this little number. Expect it in Teen Vogue's August issue. 

Too mature for all this bow silliness? Oh my darling, naturally there is a 'Bow Sophisticate' out there. Celine made it, and it's calling those no-nonsense (but undercover bow lovers) ladies' names. 

Last but not least, the 'Bad Ass Bow'. So what if you're a rockstar?? You like bows too, and this look by Twenty8Twelve is letting you live.the.dream. 

Bow BABY I love a little fashion therapy.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

There's no place like a designer home

You know how lots of people have that favourite designer that causes them to say things like, 'oh I just LIVE in my Smythe jacket!' Well.....I just discovered something that takes this concept to the next level.

I am about to move back to Toronto and I mean, I COULD just find a ho hum apartment to match whatever 'Canadianista's first Toronto job' salary allows me to afford, OR I COULD WIN THE LOTTERY and move into a fabulous new somethin somethin by the name of Fashion House Condos

I know, I know...I was a little doubtful too. Like, a lot of things and people are down to be on the fashion train, because it's, um, fashionable...buuuut the concepts don't always totally pan out. Take for example this new little invention for covering your plumber's moment when wearing low-rise jeans. It's called the 'Backtacular'. There are already numerous hilarious reviews online so I'll just advise that you google it...

But back to the condos. Headed by Freed Developments, the reason this place has really piqued my interest is because it is taking 11 top Canadian designer 'From Runway to Hallway' (they also call it 'condo couture'.....lols).To quote the site, "eleven of Canada's premiere fashion designers add their personal touches to the floors of the fashion house." So who has made it into this group?? This is where my interest gets EXTRA piqued. 

OH HEY Andy Thé-Anh, Beckerman, Bustle, Dean Davidson, Greta Constantine, Jay Godfrey, Jenny Bird, Jeremy Laing, Joeffer Caoc, Mikhael Kale and Smythe. So nice of you all to pop in and DESIGN THIS PLACE! The condos won't be ready for a I guess until then I will just have to make due with this beautiful Smythe jacket!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alternatively yours

So just in case you did not know....Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week begins today! (and runs until April's all very alternatively exciting). 

So WHY is it alternative you ask? (isn't alternative such a tricky word sometimes? Like, I'm always left asking, 'Alternative to what? What is the mainstream version of this? Define mainstream and THEN we'll talk alternative. DAREZZZZ ya.')

But then I actually READ the website (instead of just looking at the cool pictures) and got it: 'Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week is a platform for inventive, pioneering and contemporary expression. This annual multi-arts event features 200 national and international fashion designers, visual artists, bands and performers each year. The festival delivers a packed schedule of runway shows, live performances, music, photography exhibits, video screenings and installation exhibits, to celebrate leaders in a wide range of art forms. Held every April, the event welcomes 5,000 people including stylists, buyers, curators, critics, members of the media, the arts, music and fashion related industry as well as the stylish general public.' 

alsdjgladf;gafl;gndkbnad;uewtu HOW GREAT AND FUN DOES THAT SOUND?! I would really like to go. I wish I was coming to Toronto today instead of leaving it but I have exams to take and essays to write so I just don't lead that sort of charmed life yet. *mope*

But what I think is extra fun is that Evan Biddell will be showing his line Refined by Evan Biddell and I just HAPPENED to walk past his new store, OZ Studios (because it's on Ossington, apparently nothing to do with the Wizard of Oz) the other day and took a few photos! Now I don't think the photos I took are what will be shown....but still, you can be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that if I was able to attend any of the shows, this would be a pretty good place to start making my outfit. Because Evan has made, for example, quite a few items out of cork...and while I think it could make the wearer kind of hot and sweaty (is cork a breathable fabric? I don't think it is but I don't actually know for sure....mystery.....) I find that cool. Possibly even alternative. 

 Oh hey reflection!

Monday, April 19, 2010

It was such a fun trip!!

Something really really cool happened....I made it to the Jules Power pop-up Boutique and met her and bought stuff and basically just had SUCH a great time! Allow me walk you through how cool it all was.
I walk in the door, spot Jules and spend the next half hour or so gushing about how much I liked her show and her clothes and how FREAKING funsuperawesome it was for me to be in her beautiful boutique.....which led to me totally unashamedly asking to have my photo taken with her. Some people would define that as a fashion groupie moment, but I think groupie has gross/weird connotations, so I'll just define it as THE BEST.

And then I shopped. And chatted with Jules. And took photos of her gorgeous stuff. It was like, y'know, REALLY REALLY FUN.

 Aaaaaaand there's my face! Secret's out! But I had to. BECAUSE I TOOK A PHOTO WITH JULES SO IT WAS LIKE A REALLY EXCITING THING THAT I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE! I would also just like to say that she was very lovely and gracious and it was an absolute pleasure talking to her. She was genuinely interested in what I was saying (even though it was mostly things along the lines of 'I think you're so great! I want everything you design!') and I loved hearing about how much she cares about making everything she does genuinely Canadian - designed AND manufactured. So I left with a full bag and a smile on my face and a boyfriend who patiently put up with me as I spent most of the evening saying over and over again, 'that was so great RIGHT?!?'
So ya, basically the day was fantastic. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010


The amazing and talented Jules Power (who I have gushed about a couple times, like here and here) is having a Pop Up Boutique!! It opened April 14 (yesterday....oops) but it will continue to be open until Sunday April 18th! SO GREAT RIGHT??! Spring is here, exams are almost done....IT'S SHOPPING SEASON. Please read the flyer below for more details....

I just need a moment on my soapbox

So I recently learned about how last year Paris Vogue put together a little thing ('ll get the joke in a second....) called Vogue Enfants. And for the most part - even though loads of people out there probably hummmed and haawed at how realistic it is that children actually give a badword about fashion - it was REALLY FREAKING CUTE. Like, the sort of thing that leaves you SO SURE that lots and lots of fashionable people got on the baby-making train just because they were all squeamish and excited about the idea of dressing THEIR model fashiony kid in fashiony kid clothing. Here are some photos of the aforementioned cuteness:

I mean, did you not just DIE over the cute couture of it all?? It's like a serious dose of baby bourgeoisie. But then, like all good things, it kind of came to an end and my joy did not you remember when I just said this thing was awesome 'for the most part'?? Well, here is why I feel that way:

I need to talk about why I do not like this photo. With love from globalization, designers have had a supreme opportunity to learn from different cultures, find inspiration in their dress, colours and traditions and then use that inspiration to make really REALLY beautiful stuff. The Aboriginal peoples of North America (which is the group I believe this photo is based on) are certainly a culture filled with an uncountable number of beautiful traditional outfits from which an equally uncountable number of inspirations can be found. But this photo is not about inspiration, and that hand gesture by the kid on the right makes it, in my opinion, insensitive.

I know this is just one photo and I am sure many people out there did not see a problem with this, but hear me out. This wasn't a CELEBRATION of Aboriginal culture, instead, it stereotyped it. And while I know that one of fashion's greatest traits is to be edgy and push the limits (and maybe a few buttons), if it has the potential to both offend and alienate a large group of people while commercializing stereotypical representations of their culture isn't that kind of NOT beautiful and stylish?? 

I want to also say that by no means do I think anyone who was involved in producing this photo is a bad person or that they did something ignorant, stupid, wrong, etc. Paris Vogue is an AMAZING publication that time and time again produces truly wonderful fashion journalism and photography. The purpose of this post is just to put the idea out there of the importance of remaining critical and respectful when it comes to every day fashion media.

So while I think it is important that we look to other cultures to find new ways to create and be inspired, I think it is EQUALLY important that we remain critical of how we do it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Everything's Better in French

Alright, so in between finishing final essays and beginning my biannual exam stressmonstering I had something really really cool happen to me this week. The following has been confirmed: I will be in PARIS this summer. Being French, Fabulous and probably Flamboyantly Fashionable (coincidence that all these words begin with 'F' and therefore create a really cool moment of style alliteration? I LAUGH at the suggestion). 

Anyways, I have basically been daydreaming Parisian daydreams for a week straight (for example, there is this scenario where Garance Dore and Scott Schuman both want to shoot me and my TOTALLY AUTHENTIC Parisian style for their blogs and I'm all 'I love you guys! I write a blog too!' and then we become blogging could happen.....) and it appears as though everything around me is REMARKABLY French right now.

For example, I go to school in a small-ish city without much of a french population and consequently there are very few french fashion mags made available at the local Chapters. BUT this week of ALL POSSIBLE WEEKS....a Paris Vogue was on the shelf. Alone, a little battered up from its long trip, but CLEARLY calling my name. 

So obviously what needs to happen in my life is some SERIOUS PARISIAN WARDROBE PREPARATION. I need to go to vintage shops and I need to buy an it-bag that no one else knows is 'it' except for the REALLY fashionable of Paris and I need to take up a diet of only wine and cheese and baguettes so that I fit into all the beautiful Paris fashions I find! This is a major undertaking......

Well, the most I can do right now is make some Parisian-inspired purchases. So here is a photo of some new shoes and a new vintage dress I recently picked up. I feel very right now (and in doing this I can no longer make fun of these sorts of photos....I'm on the bandwagon and it's kinda fun so I don't totally think I will get off). Unfortunately I still don't like the idea of revealing my face just yet (such a big secret!) and I am definitely aware that the background isn't exactly super artsy or anything...but here you go anyways!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Seth Cohen was NOT the original....

So remember that not-so-long-ago TV show The O.C. about rich kids with alcohol and drug problems and one poor kid with anger issues and a WHOLE lotta drama which meant that the first season was so so great but then it used up all the good plot lines so the rest of the show's air time was kind of weird and unrealistic? But you still watched because Seth Cohen was a nerdy yet totally haaaaawt BABE?!

It wasn't just me you guys....Having Seth Cohen as your boyfriend was basically a universal fantasy and I AM ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN OF THIS. 
Well, anyways, I have discovered (and by discovered I mean a friend showed me because he thought I would like it, which was a very lovely gesture) a blog that basically means not only do these sorts of fantasies never need to end BUT it also provides the opportunity to dress up the men in our lives in nerdyhawtfantasticness (men out there, if you are looking to expand your personal style, this is obviously an excellent site for you as well). What is this mystery blog? Meet Nerd Boyfriend.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April Showers are good for more than just Flowers

So spring rainytimes are here and although we could wait for the May blossoms to be all 'I love rain! It's so great!' I have ANOTHER ACTIVITY.....
Plan awesome rain outfits. 
Because when you own beautiful rainy weather apparel, you get to be all 'Oh hey rain, I would be complaining about your wet cloudiness but I won't because instead you are providing me with an awesome opportunity to wear ALL MY GREAT RAIN STUFF!'
So here are the ensembles I have come up with. Hope this provides some inspiration!

Outfit One: 'Classic Fantastic'
All for utility but still dying to stand out from the crowd?? WELL, first let's start with a Smythe classic double-breasted trench. Add a pair of Sperry Topsider Women's Shearwater Boots. And then finish off the look with a Lulu Guiness umbrella. 

Not for you? In the mood for a little something different?
Outfit Two:'Pretty in Pastels'
This one's for my girls who are all lovely and ladylike and know a good pair of pearls when they see em. This white Mackage trench is your base. Get all matchymatchy (but not too much, that's not a good thing) with these JCREW striped lace-up wellies. And the final touch? Your Guy de Jean pink ruffly umbrella. 

But wait! Perhaps this is not luxe enough? Oh my luxe darlings I wouldn't dare forget you! 
Outfit Three: 'Perfectly Posh' 
Of course you should start with a Burberry trench. Match it with a pair of HUNTER Original RHS wellies in Thistle and forget-me-not. And for the umbrella I have selected this one from Chantal Thomass. Enjoy!

See? The rain is good for so much more than we give it credit for!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Andy was Dandy

Aaaaah I love collars. They make regular clothing so much more interesting don't they? I especially enjoy popping them up and I don't care if it reminds some of you out there of how EVERY guy in high school popped the collar of his Abercrombie/Ralph Lauren polo and it was SO overkill. Obviously those boys were foolish and didn't know much about FASH.ON. So I refuse to let that memory prevent me from looking at Andy The-Anh's gorgie-porgie royal blue cropped(ish) jacket with it's lovely big collar and think 'how excellent will I look when I wear this with black jeans, a white tank and a POPPED COLLAR (perhaps with a floral scarf just peeking out from the inside? hmmmmm?)' Ummm, the skirt I have other thoughts about.....'THAT'S A WHOLE LOTTA LOOK' sorta thoughts so I choose to focus on how much I like the jacket.
 Alright, so I also really enjoyed Andy's dresses. First of all, they had POCKETS. I just recently bought a dress with pockets and call me a girl of simple pleasures but the night just felt a hell of a lot more comfortable because even though I was all glammed up, every now and then I could be all, y'know, chiilllliinnnn, with my hands in my pockets.
But I digress. I was also quite a fan of the fact that these dresses had an accentuated waist which prevented those fun, ruffly bits from making the wearer look all hippy or fat or something. 
Actually, upon further inspection Andy really did a good job at respecting the woman's body....he remembered our shape and he remembered that we like to show it off but not as much as your average 19-year-old-former-Disney-star celebrity does. The necklines were kind to many different bust sizes and the hemlines were leggy without being leg-EEEEEEEEE...y'know what I mean? So (except for the blue skirt) it's all practical meets sexy which is harder to pull off than you would think...NICE WORK Andy. 
Photo credit:

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Okay, so today was the unofficial start of spring in good ol South Ontario (in my opinion, anyways). How can you tell? Most people ditched their jackets, girls shaved their legs for short skirts and shorter shorts, and I spotted TWO girls wearing bikinis on campus (but it was only 17 degrees outside so, um, too soon ladies...too soon).
But then I realized that my wardrobe was also hurting, what with my SUPER SUMMERY black wooly I invented a new spring wardrobe - here it is:
To begin, a crazyfuntimes Marc Jacobs romper. Because I love rompers and I love Marc Jacobs and I am TRYING to love colour. So this is a good start.
 Next up, a little number from Stella McCartney. I just think it looks super beautiful and kinda makes me think of Audrey Hepburn just all sexified cause it's 2010. 
 Aaaaand this is my new bikini from Paul Smith (even though ya, I know, it's not ACTUALLY  a maybe we can just call it beachwear). Stripes and funkiness and not tooooo much belly because super low stuff just overwhelms me and reminds me of high school when you could see everyone's bum every time they bent over. That was not a cute look. 

 Aaaaaand because I do still kinda really love black and think it looks EXTRA  good with a tan, here's my new maxi dress from Caffe Swimwear. 
 OKAY I GUESS I JUST CAN'T HELP IT YOU GUYS! Three hits of colour was enough. And this romper from L.A.M.B. is so freaking cool it's like, y'know, my MUST HAVE for the spring season. I promise to wear all the black and white stuff with some really great and colourful accessories...but I have to find those later.

Better than Youtube

Garance is just as lovely as her work. This video is so fun to watch. 

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