Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Everything's Better in French

Alright, so in between finishing final essays and beginning my biannual exam stressmonstering I had something really really cool happen to me this week. The following has been confirmed: I will be in PARIS this summer. Being French, Fabulous and probably Flamboyantly Fashionable (coincidence that all these words begin with 'F' and therefore create a really cool moment of style alliteration? I LAUGH at the suggestion). 

Anyways, I have basically been daydreaming Parisian daydreams for a week straight (for example, there is this scenario where Garance Dore and Scott Schuman both want to shoot me and my TOTALLY AUTHENTIC Parisian style for their blogs and I'm all 'I love you guys! I write a blog too!' and then we become blogging BFFs......it could happen.....) and it appears as though everything around me is REMARKABLY French right now.

For example, I go to school in a small-ish city without much of a french population and consequently there are very few french fashion mags made available at the local Chapters. BUT this week of ALL POSSIBLE WEEKS....a Paris Vogue was on the shelf. Alone, a little battered up from its long trip, but CLEARLY calling my name. 

So obviously what needs to happen in my life is some SERIOUS PARISIAN WARDROBE PREPARATION. I need to go to vintage shops and I need to buy an it-bag that no one else knows is 'it' except for the REALLY fashionable of Paris and I need to take up a diet of only wine and cheese and baguettes so that I fit into all the beautiful Paris fashions I find! This is a major undertaking......

Well, the most I can do right now is make some Parisian-inspired purchases. So here is a photo of some new shoes and a new vintage dress I recently picked up. I feel very http://lookbook.nu/#more right now (and in doing this I can no longer make fun of these sorts of photos....I'm on the bandwagon and it's kinda fun so I don't totally think I will get off). Unfortunately I still don't like the idea of revealing my face just yet (such a big secret!) and I am definitely aware that the background isn't exactly super artsy or anything...but here you go anyways!!

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