Friday, April 9, 2010

Seth Cohen was NOT the original....

So remember that not-so-long-ago TV show The O.C. about rich kids with alcohol and drug problems and one poor kid with anger issues and a WHOLE lotta drama which meant that the first season was so so great but then it used up all the good plot lines so the rest of the show's air time was kind of weird and unrealistic? But you still watched because Seth Cohen was a nerdy yet totally haaaaawt BABE?!

It wasn't just me you guys....Having Seth Cohen as your boyfriend was basically a universal fantasy and I AM ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN OF THIS. 
Well, anyways, I have discovered (and by discovered I mean a friend showed me because he thought I would like it, which was a very lovely gesture) a blog that basically means not only do these sorts of fantasies never need to end BUT it also provides the opportunity to dress up the men in our lives in nerdyhawtfantasticness (men out there, if you are looking to expand your personal style, this is obviously an excellent site for you as well). What is this mystery blog? Meet Nerd Boyfriend.

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