Saturday, April 24, 2010

There's no place like a designer home

You know how lots of people have that favourite designer that causes them to say things like, 'oh I just LIVE in my Smythe jacket!' Well.....I just discovered something that takes this concept to the next level.

I am about to move back to Toronto and I mean, I COULD just find a ho hum apartment to match whatever 'Canadianista's first Toronto job' salary allows me to afford, OR I COULD WIN THE LOTTERY and move into a fabulous new somethin somethin by the name of Fashion House Condos

I know, I know...I was a little doubtful too. Like, a lot of things and people are down to be on the fashion train, because it's, um, fashionable...buuuut the concepts don't always totally pan out. Take for example this new little invention for covering your plumber's moment when wearing low-rise jeans. It's called the 'Backtacular'. There are already numerous hilarious reviews online so I'll just advise that you google it...

But back to the condos. Headed by Freed Developments, the reason this place has really piqued my interest is because it is taking 11 top Canadian designer 'From Runway to Hallway' (they also call it 'condo couture'.....lols).To quote the site, "eleven of Canada's premiere fashion designers add their personal touches to the floors of the fashion house." So who has made it into this group?? This is where my interest gets EXTRA piqued. 

OH HEY Andy Thé-Anh, Beckerman, Bustle, Dean Davidson, Greta Constantine, Jay Godfrey, Jenny Bird, Jeremy Laing, Joeffer Caoc, Mikhael Kale and Smythe. So nice of you all to pop in and DESIGN THIS PLACE! The condos won't be ready for a I guess until then I will just have to make due with this beautiful Smythe jacket!

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