Monday, April 19, 2010

It was such a fun trip!!

Something really really cool happened....I made it to the Jules Power pop-up Boutique and met her and bought stuff and basically just had SUCH a great time! Allow me walk you through how cool it all was.
I walk in the door, spot Jules and spend the next half hour or so gushing about how much I liked her show and her clothes and how FREAKING funsuperawesome it was for me to be in her beautiful boutique.....which led to me totally unashamedly asking to have my photo taken with her. Some people would define that as a fashion groupie moment, but I think groupie has gross/weird connotations, so I'll just define it as THE BEST.

And then I shopped. And chatted with Jules. And took photos of her gorgeous stuff. It was like, y'know, REALLY REALLY FUN.

 Aaaaaaand there's my face! Secret's out! But I had to. BECAUSE I TOOK A PHOTO WITH JULES SO IT WAS LIKE A REALLY EXCITING THING THAT I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE! I would also just like to say that she was very lovely and gracious and it was an absolute pleasure talking to her. She was genuinely interested in what I was saying (even though it was mostly things along the lines of 'I think you're so great! I want everything you design!') and I loved hearing about how much she cares about making everything she does genuinely Canadian - designed AND manufactured. So I left with a full bag and a smile on my face and a boyfriend who patiently put up with me as I spent most of the evening saying over and over again, 'that was so great RIGHT?!?'
So ya, basically the day was fantastic. 

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