Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alternatively yours

So just in case you did not know....Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week begins today! (and runs until April's all very alternatively exciting). 

So WHY is it alternative you ask? (isn't alternative such a tricky word sometimes? Like, I'm always left asking, 'Alternative to what? What is the mainstream version of this? Define mainstream and THEN we'll talk alternative. DAREZZZZ ya.')

But then I actually READ the website (instead of just looking at the cool pictures) and got it: 'Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week is a platform for inventive, pioneering and contemporary expression. This annual multi-arts event features 200 national and international fashion designers, visual artists, bands and performers each year. The festival delivers a packed schedule of runway shows, live performances, music, photography exhibits, video screenings and installation exhibits, to celebrate leaders in a wide range of art forms. Held every April, the event welcomes 5,000 people including stylists, buyers, curators, critics, members of the media, the arts, music and fashion related industry as well as the stylish general public.' 

alsdjgladf;gafl;gndkbnad;uewtu HOW GREAT AND FUN DOES THAT SOUND?! I would really like to go. I wish I was coming to Toronto today instead of leaving it but I have exams to take and essays to write so I just don't lead that sort of charmed life yet. *mope*

But what I think is extra fun is that Evan Biddell will be showing his line Refined by Evan Biddell and I just HAPPENED to walk past his new store, OZ Studios (because it's on Ossington, apparently nothing to do with the Wizard of Oz) the other day and took a few photos! Now I don't think the photos I took are what will be shown....but still, you can be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that if I was able to attend any of the shows, this would be a pretty good place to start making my outfit. Because Evan has made, for example, quite a few items out of cork...and while I think it could make the wearer kind of hot and sweaty (is cork a breathable fabric? I don't think it is but I don't actually know for sure....mystery.....) I find that cool. Possibly even alternative. 

 Oh hey reflection!

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