Monday, April 5, 2010

Andy was Dandy

Aaaaah I love collars. They make regular clothing so much more interesting don't they? I especially enjoy popping them up and I don't care if it reminds some of you out there of how EVERY guy in high school popped the collar of his Abercrombie/Ralph Lauren polo and it was SO overkill. Obviously those boys were foolish and didn't know much about FASH.ON. So I refuse to let that memory prevent me from looking at Andy The-Anh's gorgie-porgie royal blue cropped(ish) jacket with it's lovely big collar and think 'how excellent will I look when I wear this with black jeans, a white tank and a POPPED COLLAR (perhaps with a floral scarf just peeking out from the inside? hmmmmm?)' Ummm, the skirt I have other thoughts about.....'THAT'S A WHOLE LOTTA LOOK' sorta thoughts so I choose to focus on how much I like the jacket.
 Alright, so I also really enjoyed Andy's dresses. First of all, they had POCKETS. I just recently bought a dress with pockets and call me a girl of simple pleasures but the night just felt a hell of a lot more comfortable because even though I was all glammed up, every now and then I could be all, y'know, chiilllliinnnn, with my hands in my pockets.
But I digress. I was also quite a fan of the fact that these dresses had an accentuated waist which prevented those fun, ruffly bits from making the wearer look all hippy or fat or something. 
Actually, upon further inspection Andy really did a good job at respecting the woman's body....he remembered our shape and he remembered that we like to show it off but not as much as your average 19-year-old-former-Disney-star celebrity does. The necklines were kind to many different bust sizes and the hemlines were leggy without being leg-EEEEEEEEE...y'know what I mean? So (except for the blue skirt) it's all practical meets sexy which is harder to pull off than you would think...NICE WORK Andy. 
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