Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All tied up in the best of ways

I'm in a bit of a ho hum mood today (I know, an 'I feel' this weird for you guys? I'll keep the sappy stuff short okay??), so as a problem solving mechanism I thought of the two things that would make me happy:
1) fashion
2) presents

Which led me to: FASHION WITH BOWS. Presents come with bows, fun fashion things would be my ideal present, so fashion with bows is basically a blend of these two wonderful all get it, right? 

Anyways, finding these beautiful images cheered up my mood quite a bit and I since it's ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY they certainly have me thinking about potential outfits. How much fun would it be to dress like a beautiful fashion present on my birthday?! Pretty darn fun I think. Let's check out the options, shall we?

 Beginning with accessories, the gorgeous Bow Clutch from Augustina Boutiques in Yorkville. This way you can have a bow around you every day and no one will accuse you of being an outfit repeater. These things are important in the fashion world. 

This dress from Comrags I like to call, 'Baby's First Bow'. You know, for those of you taking your first step into this beautiful bow world.
The 'BIG BAD BOW': This piece is by fashion's new 'It' boy Prabal Gurung. I would say it's clear he's deserving of the title. 

This look by Marc by Marc Jacobs is straight up 'BOWLICIOUS'. The colours! The volume! It's clearly the only technical term that can properly describe it. 

Whoooops! Marc by Marc Jacobs again! 'Back to school Bow' is the name of this little number. Expect it in Teen Vogue's August issue. 

Too mature for all this bow silliness? Oh my darling, naturally there is a 'Bow Sophisticate' out there. Celine made it, and it's calling those no-nonsense (but undercover bow lovers) ladies' names. 

Last but not least, the 'Bad Ass Bow'. So what if you're a rockstar?? You like bows too, and this look by Twenty8Twelve is letting you live.the.dream. 

Bow BABY I love a little fashion therapy.

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