Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My short skirt

 Photo: Joe Fresh Spring 2010 - life.com

This weekend's weather was amazing. The kinda hot that makes putting on a bikini, grabbing a beer (the beers in Quebec have average at about 8% alcohol content - so great right?!) and reading a book/fashion mag the only reasonable thing worth doing. So that's what I did. But now I'm back in french school and shamefully realizing how long it has been since I have written here. In my defense, the days are full, constantly trying to speak in french is kind of really tiring and, um, in a town without much retail/fashion/anything other than a few restaurants/bars it is apparently kind of hard to be inspired! But again - sorry!

Anyways, I need to talk about a timeless clothing piece of the hothotheat - the miniskirt. Arguably the most flattering of them all (your legs look longer when there is less covering them, which for most women is a fantastic blessing) the miniskirt is also responsible for many, MANY a fashion disaster (please google any photos of Britney, Paris, or Lilo exiting a limo to fully understand how devastating the outcomes of a too-short mini can be.....but, um, also only do this if you are above the age of 18....). 

The following is a list of things to keep in mind when dressing in your short skirt. Because let's admit it, a few of us Canadian girls have a tendency to get carried away when the warm weather hits. 

1) Do not wear your skirt if the pockets are hanging out from the bottom. That means it is TOO SHORT (other clues include having someone say you have great butt cleavage, or feeling your whole rear stick to the leather/wicker/plastic of whatever seat you have chosen). 

2) If it is VERY hot outside and you are victim to lower back sweat, wear NOTHING but black. It doesn't matter that black absorbs heat, it is much easier to handle that than everyone else noticing how your skirt is forming a dark patch. 

3) Appropriate underwear is VERY important. A few people argue that thongs are the way to go but I happen to think your best bet is the seamless boy short (seamless also implies will NOT bunch) because it prevents any accidental exposure. 

4) Flowy short skirts are stupid if there is wind. Do not wear them unless the atmosphere is at an absolute STANDSTILL or unless you are completely certain that you have no need for you hands. 

5) If you're showing off your gams, be a little more covered up when it comes to cleavage. Showing off everything during the summer is what bikinis where pretty much made for.

There it is! My list of suggestions! Hope you are all taking advantage of this weather and loveloveloving your short skirts. 


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crazy for Calla

Have you heard of Calla Haynes? Well allow me to make the introduction. Born in Toronto and now working out of Paris, Calla makes clothes that look like lingerie meets museum-worthy art (she cites the Group of Seven as one of her inspirations) and a dash of pin-up girl. Her clothing is wearable and her prints are exceptionally beautiful, which means each piece achieves the feel of "relaxed luxury", which is the base concept for brand. You can count on me visiting her store this summer during my fashion-filled adventure in Paris...here's hoping we become besties. 

Aaand here are some of the prints!

Photo credit: http://calla.fr

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You go girl

Tavi frequently reminds me that our generation is way more promising than the stars of The Hills let on (at least from this season, I actually like LC and Whit and I guess Lo is pretty good too....y'know, for the record). This post is some serious proof.

Forget the best one? Nuhuh. No way. Neva.

This is the very item that began my Stella worship. I first saw it a yearish ago in a photo of the designer herself at the Met Ball in 2009 (I tried very hard to find a photo that doesn't go all warpy-like when I upload it but apparently this is a serious problem for my computer so please look it up yourself cause girlfriend looks BOMB).

It's from her Resort 2010 collection and I think I finally understand why some people can say things like, 'Oh I'm such a *insert designer name here* girl!' because you guys, (and this is mostly in my dreams because I absolutely do not have the cashflow to make this a reality), I am SUCH a Stella McCartney girl. I want everything from this collection. So so bad. And I'm fairly certain it has seven rompers, which has to be some sort of record and also some sort of sign that this is THE collection pour moi. (I say fairly certain because I was a) excited enough to count but, b) did not go checking my facts or anything). Anyways, here are a few of my favourite looks. Oh and Stella? If it's at all possible, please put aside a few of these items for 10-15 years from now when I have the savings to buy them from you. Because that would be the GREATEST.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The best medicine is Stella and her many rompers

I've barely begun my big adventure and I catch a virus that leaves me stuck in bed for two days. So to cheer myself up I turned the day into a very serious mission....a ROMPER MISSION. If you don't know this personal fun fact, allow me to introduce you to my romper obsession. I love them. And I firmly believe that if you can wear one correctly (because let's be honest, sometimes it can be difficult to look effortlessly stylish when wearing only one piece of cloth....this is especially true when you realize you have to figure out how to go to the bathroom) you generally end up looking really, REALLY cool.

In my opinion (and I'm fairly certain this is basically a universal truth) Stella McCartney is the absolute Queen of rompers, so I spent the day perusing every Stella fashion show available to me on style.com and came up with a few favourites. Needless to say, I am feeling much better. Nothing brings you into tip top health like a little romper medicine!

This first one is from her Resort 2009 collection (the photo's a little warpy and I don't know how to fix it - sorry!). I like it because it's a print that's not just a bunch of repetition, but instead kind of tells a story/paints a picture, which in my opinion makes it more interesting. Who's down for a day on a sailboat??

Fall 2009 was all about lace and silk, proving rompers CAN deliver the glamour. 

I love this one from her Spring 2007 line, because it's all about legs (some would argue that it's basically underwear but I mean, if you have the courage and the stems, I say more power to ya) so it's pretty much perfect for a hot Caribbean vacay at some super chic resort where celebrities go to hide from the prying eyes of the masses and the paps. 

This one from her spring 2006 line is just plain ol casual cool. 

This hothotheatpink number is from her fall 2007 collection. Big ups to the girl who can wear bright pink from head to toe, it's definitely a personal aspiration. 

You just know this one from spring 2008 was worn by at least one trendy/famous/fabulous/all of the above to that year's Coachella music festival. 

As always I'm a sucker for black and structure. So of course I love this one from Spring 2006.

You know you're fantasizing about going to a Hamptons pool party in this one from Spring 2008. Just careful with the fruit cocktails, nothing looks more childish than a stained romper. 

Okay, okay...FINAL ROMPER. Did Stella take a trip to Canada before making this one? She must have. Because it is so so perfect for a cozy night by a wood fire with a glass of wine, wherever you find your blissful Canadian wilderness :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A little bit of bienvenue. A little bit of hip hop.

O.M.G. ya'll. Anyone interested in Québec's best commodity and finest cultural experience? It's the hip hop baby. HANDS.DOWN. 

Yesterday was my first day here and things got off to a VERY good start with a concert by my new favourite crew, Radio Radio. At first I was all, looooools hip hop français, but then I noticed their fantastic personal style (no baggy jeans and flat caps here baby, think deck shoes and pink pants), started paying attention to the lyrics and ended up SEEEEREEEEUUUSSSLEEEE feeling the flow. I mean, when subject matter ranges from jacuzzis to nine-piece luggage sets and Kenny G it is VERY hard to refrain from busting a move (a few of which were choreographed). Anyways, I was nervous about using flash cause I didn't want to be THAT girl but at least the photo turned out super artistic, non??

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Torontonian girl in Quebec....

The first leg of my summer adventure is here!! I go to Quebec tomorrow to begin my Frenchytimes adventures and I am so so excited. But WHAT should I wear to fit in with the Quebecois crowd?? I mean, it's not enough to just manger a little poutine and fill my boots with cheap (sorry, inexpensive) red wine from the local convenience store....I MUST LOOK THE PART! So how to achieve this authenticity?? WELL I recently discovered (and now have an extreme appreciation for) a little site by the name of Etsy. Have you been yet? Cause it's great. SUPER.FREAKING.GREAT. So this is how I went about planning my outfit. Clicked on the buy button. Selected 'Shop Local'. Entered 'Quebec' and VOILA! The 100 most recently updated Quebecois sellers. The following is my new outfit:

 A recycled ruffle romper by seller Supayana (sooo francais meets adorable, non?). 

A sterling silver and yellow gold ring by seller Artisanlook
A vintage Canadiana (wooooooah name similarity!) carry case from seller LuciesAttic
  And finally, this is a completely adorbs illustration (called 'Coexistence' and it is by seller Shirae) that I think perfectly describes my mood as I begin all this....ready for playtime :)

xoxox and I will next be blogging from QUEBEC!

ps, sorry I don't have the correct french accents....I can't really figure out how to add them as I write my posts

Saturday, May 1, 2010

What a wonderful world....

Busy busy crazytimes during the big bad move and I'm still unpacking (for the record, unpacking is probably harder than packing....it looks like a million boxes just threw up in my room and it's basically the worst) but I am loving that it's springtime and the world is coming alive. Every now and then it just hits me that Canada is absolutely one of the most beautiful countries in the world. So here's a few photos from my small corner :)