Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Torontonian girl in Quebec....

The first leg of my summer adventure is here!! I go to Quebec tomorrow to begin my Frenchytimes adventures and I am so so excited. But WHAT should I wear to fit in with the Quebecois crowd?? I mean, it's not enough to just manger a little poutine and fill my boots with cheap (sorry, inexpensive) red wine from the local convenience store....I MUST LOOK THE PART! So how to achieve this authenticity?? WELL I recently discovered (and now have an extreme appreciation for) a little site by the name of Etsy. Have you been yet? Cause it's great. SUPER.FREAKING.GREAT. So this is how I went about planning my outfit. Clicked on the buy button. Selected 'Shop Local'. Entered 'Quebec' and VOILA! The 100 most recently updated Quebecois sellers. The following is my new outfit:

 A recycled ruffle romper by seller Supayana (sooo francais meets adorable, non?). 

A sterling silver and yellow gold ring by seller Artisanlook
A vintage Canadiana (wooooooah name similarity!) carry case from seller LuciesAttic
  And finally, this is a completely adorbs illustration (called 'Coexistence' and it is by seller Shirae) that I think perfectly describes my mood as I begin all this....ready for playtime :)

xoxox and I will next be blogging from QUEBEC!

ps, sorry I don't have the correct french accents....I can't really figure out how to add them as I write my posts

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