Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My short skirt

 Photo: Joe Fresh Spring 2010 - life.com

This weekend's weather was amazing. The kinda hot that makes putting on a bikini, grabbing a beer (the beers in Quebec have average at about 8% alcohol content - so great right?!) and reading a book/fashion mag the only reasonable thing worth doing. So that's what I did. But now I'm back in french school and shamefully realizing how long it has been since I have written here. In my defense, the days are full, constantly trying to speak in french is kind of really tiring and, um, in a town without much retail/fashion/anything other than a few restaurants/bars it is apparently kind of hard to be inspired! But again - sorry!

Anyways, I need to talk about a timeless clothing piece of the hothotheat - the miniskirt. Arguably the most flattering of them all (your legs look longer when there is less covering them, which for most women is a fantastic blessing) the miniskirt is also responsible for many, MANY a fashion disaster (please google any photos of Britney, Paris, or Lilo exiting a limo to fully understand how devastating the outcomes of a too-short mini can be.....but, um, also only do this if you are above the age of 18....). 

The following is a list of things to keep in mind when dressing in your short skirt. Because let's admit it, a few of us Canadian girls have a tendency to get carried away when the warm weather hits. 

1) Do not wear your skirt if the pockets are hanging out from the bottom. That means it is TOO SHORT (other clues include having someone say you have great butt cleavage, or feeling your whole rear stick to the leather/wicker/plastic of whatever seat you have chosen). 

2) If it is VERY hot outside and you are victim to lower back sweat, wear NOTHING but black. It doesn't matter that black absorbs heat, it is much easier to handle that than everyone else noticing how your skirt is forming a dark patch. 

3) Appropriate underwear is VERY important. A few people argue that thongs are the way to go but I happen to think your best bet is the seamless boy short (seamless also implies will NOT bunch) because it prevents any accidental exposure. 

4) Flowy short skirts are stupid if there is wind. Do not wear them unless the atmosphere is at an absolute STANDSTILL or unless you are completely certain that you have no need for you hands. 

5) If you're showing off your gams, be a little more covered up when it comes to cleavage. Showing off everything during the summer is what bikinis where pretty much made for.

There it is! My list of suggestions! Hope you are all taking advantage of this weather and loveloveloving your short skirts. 


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  1. Love this Erin! hahah so great you should write for a magazine