Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The best medicine is Stella and her many rompers

I've barely begun my big adventure and I catch a virus that leaves me stuck in bed for two days. So to cheer myself up I turned the day into a very serious mission....a ROMPER MISSION. If you don't know this personal fun fact, allow me to introduce you to my romper obsession. I love them. And I firmly believe that if you can wear one correctly (because let's be honest, sometimes it can be difficult to look effortlessly stylish when wearing only one piece of cloth....this is especially true when you realize you have to figure out how to go to the bathroom) you generally end up looking really, REALLY cool.

In my opinion (and I'm fairly certain this is basically a universal truth) Stella McCartney is the absolute Queen of rompers, so I spent the day perusing every Stella fashion show available to me on style.com and came up with a few favourites. Needless to say, I am feeling much better. Nothing brings you into tip top health like a little romper medicine!

This first one is from her Resort 2009 collection (the photo's a little warpy and I don't know how to fix it - sorry!). I like it because it's a print that's not just a bunch of repetition, but instead kind of tells a story/paints a picture, which in my opinion makes it more interesting. Who's down for a day on a sailboat??

Fall 2009 was all about lace and silk, proving rompers CAN deliver the glamour. 

I love this one from her Spring 2007 line, because it's all about legs (some would argue that it's basically underwear but I mean, if you have the courage and the stems, I say more power to ya) so it's pretty much perfect for a hot Caribbean vacay at some super chic resort where celebrities go to hide from the prying eyes of the masses and the paps. 

This one from her spring 2006 line is just plain ol casual cool. 

This hothotheatpink number is from her fall 2007 collection. Big ups to the girl who can wear bright pink from head to toe, it's definitely a personal aspiration. 

You just know this one from spring 2008 was worn by at least one trendy/famous/fabulous/all of the above to that year's Coachella music festival. 

As always I'm a sucker for black and structure. So of course I love this one from Spring 2006.

You know you're fantasizing about going to a Hamptons pool party in this one from Spring 2008. Just careful with the fruit cocktails, nothing looks more childish than a stained romper. 

Okay, okay...FINAL ROMPER. Did Stella take a trip to Canada before making this one? She must have. Because it is so so perfect for a cozy night by a wood fire with a glass of wine, wherever you find your blissful Canadian wilderness :)

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