Sunday, May 9, 2010

A little bit of bienvenue. A little bit of hip hop.

O.M.G. ya'll. Anyone interested in Québec's best commodity and finest cultural experience? It's the hip hop baby. HANDS.DOWN. 

Yesterday was my first day here and things got off to a VERY good start with a concert by my new favourite crew, Radio Radio. At first I was all, looooools hip hop français, but then I noticed their fantastic personal style (no baggy jeans and flat caps here baby, think deck shoes and pink pants), started paying attention to the lyrics and ended up SEEEEREEEEUUUSSSLEEEE feeling the flow. I mean, when subject matter ranges from jacuzzis to nine-piece luggage sets and Kenny G it is VERY hard to refrain from busting a move (a few of which were choreographed). Anyways, I was nervous about using flash cause I didn't want to be THAT girl but at least the photo turned out super artistic, non??

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