Thursday, April 1, 2010


Okay, so today was the unofficial start of spring in good ol South Ontario (in my opinion, anyways). How can you tell? Most people ditched their jackets, girls shaved their legs for short skirts and shorter shorts, and I spotted TWO girls wearing bikinis on campus (but it was only 17 degrees outside so, um, too soon ladies...too soon).
But then I realized that my wardrobe was also hurting, what with my SUPER SUMMERY black wooly I invented a new spring wardrobe - here it is:
To begin, a crazyfuntimes Marc Jacobs romper. Because I love rompers and I love Marc Jacobs and I am TRYING to love colour. So this is a good start.
 Next up, a little number from Stella McCartney. I just think it looks super beautiful and kinda makes me think of Audrey Hepburn just all sexified cause it's 2010. 
 Aaaaand this is my new bikini from Paul Smith (even though ya, I know, it's not ACTUALLY  a maybe we can just call it beachwear). Stripes and funkiness and not tooooo much belly because super low stuff just overwhelms me and reminds me of high school when you could see everyone's bum every time they bent over. That was not a cute look. 

 Aaaaaand because I do still kinda really love black and think it looks EXTRA  good with a tan, here's my new maxi dress from Caffe Swimwear. 
 OKAY I GUESS I JUST CAN'T HELP IT YOU GUYS! Three hits of colour was enough. And this romper from L.A.M.B. is so freaking cool it's like, y'know, my MUST HAVE for the spring season. I promise to wear all the black and white stuff with some really great and colourful accessories...but I have to find those later.

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