Saturday, March 27, 2010

Walk Walk Fashion Baby

Toronto's F/W 2010 LG Fashion week starts tomorrow and I.AM.EXCITED YA'LLLLL. March 28 has the opening show, Izma but March 29 is when things.get.serious. I'll be talking about as many of the collections as I can after they come down the runway but for's what I'm most excited for!

To start, we have Jules Power. Her site doesn't show off a lot but I like what I see so far so I'm really looking forward to what comes out of the show. Funky necklaces meet a more subdued, romantic aesthetic and in my opinion, it really works. The price points are also very reasonable and I love beautiful stuff I can actually buy. Really looking forward to this show

Next is a serious Canadian favourite: Preloved. I am SO down with this line and I recently was told they have killer sample sales so now I'm just looking forward to the show EXTRA. A lot of people try to do the whole 'rejuvenate vintage clothes' thing and often it just comes out looking some kinda WHACKATTACK but Preloved has figured it out. Which is a really good thing.

 Oooooh and then comes Pink Tartan! This line is right up my ally in the sense that, well, I don't really wear colour....but I really like to wear black, navy, grey, white, etc. in awesome interesting ways. And Pink Tartan delivers that aesthetic...with just the proper dash of colour to pique my interest and get me thinking outside the monochromatic box.

Also super excited for Orange by Angela Chen. This was the first time I've ever been on the site and I'm feeling it....I'm feeling it a lot. Simple pieces with a bit of fun whimsy? Tots the best. Am I right? I'm so right. Let me hear it laadddiieeesssss.

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