Friday, March 5, 2010

This little crocodile went to the sea

So I'm sure at this point all of ya'll are thinking something along the lines of, "Okay, so like, HOW can this girl claim to be a Canadian Fashionista without actually exposing any of her personal style?" Well, I just found my long lost camera battery charger, so guys, THE TIME IS NOW. 
I bought this really killer new pair of Sperry Topsiders over Christmas. Killer and boating shoes in the same sentence? It's true life though, cause I'm not being all "omgomgomg guys pastel plaid!" I would never try to fool you like that (even though I DO own a pair of those ones and I DO think they're lovely). As you'll note in the picture, some genius on the Sperry Topsider team created a pair of patent.crocodile.boating shoes. Too much crazyfantasticwonderful all at once? No way, this is more like when you discovered that lingerie and tomboy look awesome together. Or the first time you wore floral and leather and you knew you were just ROCKIN it. Suddenly you aren't just seeing the world out of rose-tinted glasses, you're seeing it out of rose-tinted vintage raybans with like, studs or something. Anyways, I'm still figuring out the perfect outfit for their debut, so while this first shot may have got you all hot and heavy in anticipation of what's above the ankle you'll have to wait a touch longer.
The Coles Notes version of this post is that I really love these shoes and I hope you do too.

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