Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Orange by Angela Chen: Oh hey me in five years! You look so great!

So remember how I was all excited for this line because of that whole simplicity meets fun and whimsy vibe I was getting off the website....okay well, I was SO right to be excited. This line is kind of how I dream I will dress when I'm some high-power executive working in 'FAH-shawn daaaahling' and I need to look fabulous every day but I am also full of fashion wisdom, which means I am a fan of purchasing beautiful, classic pieces because I KNOW that classic pieces are basically style INVESTMENTS. What with being timeless and all. 

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Anyways, out of the fantasy and into the collection. Chen's pieces were primarily black (although a few were in white), which means she had to show off some great style if they were going to stand out and be exciting one after another. And oh hey look! She did it! I really liked the tulip-ish (is that a fair way to describe it? Feel free to give me feedback) detail on the skirts and pants. Although if you happen to be a human with hips (but I mean, WHO even has hips these days?) this may not be the ideal look. The jackets were awesome, the hemlines and dresses were super flattering and the blouses were just plain pretty (Although a busty body probably couldn't wear them....but like hips, boobs are pretty much gone with the dinosaurs in fashion world). But when you don't think about body-type things this show just reads as plain old beautiful. Angela also looked really gorgeous and I am extra into it!

Yes, I am sincerely looking forward to when this is my life. Angela, I'll text you with my measurements soon girl.

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