Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So. Um. I REALLY Like Jules Power

Photo Credits: Life.com

Jules Power did it. She REALLY did it. I mean, did she just wake up the day she started designing her A/W 2010 collection and say, 'Y'know, the world needs a line that reads Ivy League meets a Whole Lotta Awesome and I am absolutely the kind of superhuman designer to deliver that vision.' Cause I think she did. Jules got on her spandex suit and made.it.work. 

Okay so no, I admit, there's no wild extravagance. No outrageous new design concept but in post-recession where people really need classic items that can't necessarily be replicated by the masses this collection makes me really happy. 

Highlights: The use of print. Jules did such a good job with the print. Sometimes designers make print and you try it on and kind of say to yourself, 'ya, sure, this WOULD be an awesome look for me if I wanted to be that super-over-the-top girl that has outfits that basically scream I READ FASHION MAGAZINES SO I KNOW WHAT'S TRENDY RIGHT NOW.' But luckily, Jules had the foresight to not design that chick's wardrobe, and instead she's doing some really adorbs printed scarves and camis that give off more of a 'oh floral and printed scarves are in? That's so lucky that I still have a few old ones that just happen to work perfectly with the rest of my stylish wardrobe.'

Photo Credits: Life.com

Second, I'm feeling the dresses. I hate that more often than not, dresses are either sleeveless-v-neck-minis that while suuuuuper sexy for a night on the dance floor, not so great for the day when you don't wanna look quite so sexytimes. But then lots of those daywear dresses kinda end up looking a little, well, old. And I'm young. So I don't want that. But because the dresses at this show had sleeves AND a tots flattering neckline AND a hemline that hits just above the knees AND those great prints I was just talking about I really really like them. 

Final shout outs: Sexy sweatpants that are actually sexy and don't just say something stupid like 'SUPERHOTCHECKOUTMYBOOTYBABE' across the bum. And those floral headbands that work because they just freaking go.for.it. 

Anyways, now I'm all flushed and excited because Fashion Week has started and this show was cool and I wanna make Jules my new bestie so I can wear her stuff all the time. 

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