Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ho hum kinda bummed cause Preloved was only a little fun

Photo credit: Life.com

I really liked the shorts. And those sweater over-the-knee legwarmers were funkyfuntimes and may be a take on the legwarmer trend that can actually be worn and doesn't just look like a poor eighties revival that makes me wonder why everyone is trying to bring back arguably the WORST fashion decade without reworking it in a way that looks GOOD. In fact shout outs to all the knits. Preloved does that well.

Photo credit: Life.com

But the fun stops there. The skirts were a weird material and I don't foresee them being too flattering on the average gyal's body...and then there was also that leather suit that didn't totally fit and didn't really seem wearable in both life and on body (it even seemed funny on the sample size, and I thought the whole point of skinny ladies showing off clothing was that those bodies COULDN'T make it look bad). I think they just tried to do too much with it and it didn't totally translate. So ya, I'm mixed. And I need to work on a paper. 

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