Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blog Struggles

Dear Readers, 

I am sorry for the lack of posts lately, but something funky and technical is happening with my computer/blogspot and it is making posting very difficult. To quote lolcats: *mope*. But fingers crossed I will figure out a solution soon and things will go back to normal. 

So this post may not be as exciting as others, but hopefully it will do the trick. I know everyone loves themselves a good spring clean, but when you have been hoarding your things for years (like any good university student would), your spring whizzed by due to exams and summer travels, and all of a sudden you find yourself coming to terms with the fact that sweats and bar tops do NOT a wardrobe make, well, honey, you need to get your fall clean on. 

So when I noticed my closet looked like this:
I had to react accordingly. The great closet clean-out has begun and not only have I realized that I was holding onto a lot of ill-fitting and no-longer-nice stuff, I have also had to come to terms with just how many things I, ahem, NEED. 

The list is as follows:
Silk blouse (I am personally coveting the ones by Vince and Equipment)
Luxe loafers (ideally the patent pair by Prada) 
Navy Blazer (oh hey Smythe)
Grey fall jacket (That one by Stella would be my ultimate)
Equestrian-style boot (Tory Burch has made some fabulous options)
Ladylike skirt (I'm feeling kind of over the 'hot for teacher/secretary/librarian' pencil skirt thing....although that doesn't mean I'm getting rid of mine)
Statement jewelery (yes, I'm still searching.....accessorizing really IS that hard for me!)
Aaaaand that's all I can think of right now, although I am sure it will grow.

Do you think I missed something? What's on your list?

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