Saturday, August 21, 2010

Accessorize Me

Unfortunately, I never learned how to properly accessorize. Maybe it's because I am such a lover of routines, but my ability to put together a great set of accessories goes no further than the following: I have my standby of four rings that I change about every six months (by 'change' I mean maybe take one off, or move one to a different finger); a Tiffany's necklace which I received as a Christmas gift two and a half years ago; 'diamond' studs; and occasionally two silver bracelets. To summarize, it's all small, all silver, and it (basically) never changes.

I always admire women (and men) who are able to make an outfit go from 'good' to 'OOOOEEEMMMMGEEEEEEE that is BEYOND' through the power of a great bracelet, ring, scarf, etc., and I think I need to finally break out of my comfort zone and invest in some accessories. Yet the word invest appears to be a big part of the problem. For some reason I can never bring myself to spend money on a great accessory. When you cannot bear to spend more than $50 on a beautiful piece of jewelry and have a mild fear of colour, the options are definitely limited. 

So I am now on the Great Canadianista Accessories Hunt. A mission to find gorgeous accessories that give your outfit that extra somethin' somethin' without making it say HELLO WOULD YOU PLEASE LOOK AT MY ENORMOUS BEDAZZLED NECKLACE....all for under $100. Any suggestions for where I should begin?

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