Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Itch to Scratch

My multiple Parisian shopping sprees have taught me that buying vintage is one of the best ways to find great items that still fit my 'recent university graduate with barely a penny to my name' budget. I also love that vintage pieces have already proven their worth by standing the test of time. When something has lasted for over 20 years, that is probably the best warranty a girl can get with regards to the item's quality. Let's be honest, how often have you bought something that you loveloveLOVE only to find your beautiful cashmere sweater is pilling after a month or the clasp on your new necklace has broken after 10 wears. I honestly find it a little exhausting to be so excited about a new, wonderful purchase I have made only to be disappointed by its craftsmanship. No one likes to feel like their money was, well, wasted.

Yes, Paris has officially made this girl a vintage LOVAAA and with less than a week left until I am back on Canadian soil I am anxious to explore a few of our homegrown vintage shops. While Canadian cities may not have the same fashion history as Paris and London, don't go thinking we can't serve up the goods. Remember this number? 100% Canadian vintage. 

My friend Aleks Bibic recently did some styling for 69 Vintage Collective and seeing the photos of her work has upped my excitement tenfold to scratch the vintage itch once I am back in TO. Here are a few of my favourite shots. Photography by Andriana Hnatykiw. 


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