Friday, August 13, 2010

Knokke Out

 So sorry for the lack of posts, but every now and then a girl finds herself in a gorgeous Belgian beach town with no internet for ten days. Under any other circumstances I would have been frustrated to be without my computer, but this town just happens to be so chic that Louis Vuitton has designed a bag in honour of it (I know right?!) so I have absolutely no need to complain. Instead of posting, my repertoire of activities now includes swimming in the ocean, taste testing Belgium's extensive list of specialties (beer, waffles and chocolate, oh my!), boardwalk runs, late night reads and of course, just a liiiiitttle bit of shopping. My fave Belgian find? Massimo Dutti. Similar to Zara in terms of price, but the style is a little more classic than trendy and the clothing is made from fabrics I actually recognize the name of (think a heavenly dark gray sweater dress made from cotton, silk and cashmere for $80). They have no stores in Canada just yet so I am now on an extreme search for a job that requires me to fly to Europe frequently throughout the year. Anyone interesting in adoring their A/W 2010 looks with me?

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