Monday, November 8, 2010

In the Joe

My love for Joe Fresh tights started last fall. After repeatedly buying fancy lingerie store hosiery only to have them tear within a week, I decided I could no longer give into the silliness and on a trip to the Loblaws Superstore, I picked up a $5 pair of Joe Fresh tights. The first time I wore them I was late for an important dinner and in my rush from the parking lot to the restaurant, my leg brushed against a random bush of BURS. I was horrified. Not only was I late, but I was going to have to either walk into the restaurant with my prickly friend attached to my leg OR an enormous run in my tights. I held my breath as I took them off but the joke was on me - my Joe tights showed no signs of damage and I.was.hooked. They're perfect for fall and so inexpensive you feel zero guilt about buying them in every colour - betcha can't buy just one ;)

Dress: Massimo Dutti (a brand I fell in love with in Belgium)
Scarf: Jules Power
Tights: Joe Fresh
Shoes: Calvin Klein


  1. Love it! I am buying Joe Fresh tights tomorrow! Great pics :).

  2. You're cute. Like your style.

  3. Hi Erin,

    I just discovered your blow and must say that I love Joe Fresh tights. Are they still on your fav list?

    Nikki K

  4. I agree with you 100% they are great tights. Ive been wearing them for a few years and have tried many different brands of tights and I always come back to my Joe fresh tights!!! I Luv them