Thursday, October 28, 2010

Style Stimulus....Giovanna

I have been thinking a lot about my closet lately. After acknowledging the severe amount of not so great stuff I was in possession of and finding myself at Fashion Week where quite a few individuals had the most hyper-cool examples of their personal style on display, I found myself thinking things like, 'shitshitshit! Where is my perfect fall coat? Or my ideal layering pieces? Why don't my pants have any fantastic details? And for eff's sake, WHY is it that I still can't find any awesome accessories?!' It's tough you guys. Really tough. 

On the bright side, I am at least beginning to figure out the direction I want my personal style to go in. Classic shapes that flatter my long tall frame. Mostly darker shades like navy, black, grays and jewel tones as a base, but then oomphed up with some gorgeous colourful additions. Sporty sophisticated. Long-term wearability but not boring. Glamourous yet practical. The kind of outfits that make people stop and stare because not only do they look BEYOND, but they also look effortless. So there. I have it totally figured out.

Someone who has always caught my eye via The Sartorialist (the first fashion blog I ever became addicted to) is Giovanna Battaglia, Vogue Editor and a superbly well-dressed fashion phenom. Her style is all those things I just described and someone I will be taking some serious inspiration from in my future styling endeavours. She just looks so damn good ya'll.

Here are a few of my favourite shots. 

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