Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blair Waldorf was onto something

I really like my hair. I mean, I don't want to toot my own horn too loudly over here, but it's kind of my thing and may or may not have received the 'best' seal of approval from my high school yearbook (but like, who even remembers those sorts of things anyways? For sure not me). As a result, I don't really like to take chances with my lovely locks. I would NEVER sit in the hair stylist's chair and say, 'ooooh just go crazy with it! take a chance!' because that would be foolish and a million other opposite-of-awesome/intelligent things. 

But in recent months I have found myself in serious need of a little hair excitement and hunting for a solution has led me to my new favourite thing: HEADBANDS. They're wonderful. They can tidy a bad hair day, add glamour to an outfit, bring a pop of colour to a monotone ensemble and the best part? You can be far more crazy and experimental with your headband than your actual head of hair. 

My favourite places to shop for them include Aldo Accessories (headbands I can ALWAYS afford), Club Monaco (headbands I need a specialish occasion to justify buying - I mean, $50? The cluster of cloth isn't that precious you guys) and Jennifer Behr (if I ever buy one of these, damn straight I will be willing it to my grandchildren...BUT THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL). 

Oh, and for the record, the accessory goes on the RIGHT. It's a Waldorf rule.
Now, can you see the resemblance?? Basically twinsies.

Headband: Aldo Accessories
Dress: Simons
aka Fashion Choices: Canadian 


  1. Blair Waldorf é mtoo lindaa carãaa!!!!

  2. lovely hair!

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  4. I love blair waldorf!! Thanks for sharing these photos. I hope you don't mind me using it on my site. :)

  5. I love the charter of blair because is bad and nice....she's beautiful


    On the left.