Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Drake was worth the wait

Alright so in case you haven't been listening to Drake's hot new disc since it was released just over 24 hours ago, allow me to bring you up to speed: IT IS AMAZING. Drake's voice is so swoonworthy I can barely handle it. It's probably the Canadian in him..... Anyways, it appears that his new soon-to-be-hit single is also my favourite song on the album (LUCKY OR WHAT?!) so today I checked out the music video and even though I started off super confused when it comes to the plot line (WHAT was this guy doing in some Caribbean rough and tumble neighbourhood?? HALF HIS ALBUM IS ABOUT HOW RICH HE HAS BECOME), I have found a way for you to all just sit back and enjoy the song. Because your girl just happens to have figured out what this music video is all about....I hope you enjoy my in depth analysis. 

The video opens with Drake being mentored by a street/life wise oldish guy who informs Drake that he needs to go and get away from the Bad Man because no matter how good those sexytimes he shared with the Babe were, the guy is like a serious Bad Man and will probably eff him up with kicking and stuff and so Drake should obviously leave. 

Then Drake talks about how bad it is to own people (I think this might mean the Babe is a prostitute??) and how much he'll regret not seeing the Babe for more sexytimes but the Wise Guy proves his wisdom by putting on his sunglasses and telling Drake he needs to put the music first. 

But Drake is too full of memories of lingerie and you just know he's not going to respect his elder's sage wisdom and will probably make poor decisions. Idiot. But whatever, THE SONG IS STARTING. 

I would love to be invited to this party. From what I can tell, the following is an appropriate outfit:
 Top and Bottoms: American Apparel (as if you couldn't tell). 

Not only would it be somewhere to wear all that ridiculous overpriced spandex AA sells, but now that SYTYCD has started its 7th season, this outfit is becoming more and more reasonable to me. I would also love to be part of the choreographed dance line. 

LOLS to the gold-faced flaming motorcyclist

MORE SERIOUS TALKING: Bad Man is receiving news about Drake and refers to him as the Brown Boy (I think). Says 'What the f***' and grabs his crew. OMG DRAKE RUN YOU ARE SO SULTRY AND SWOONWORTHY PLEASE DON'T LET THE MASKED MOTORCYCLIST AND BAD MAN GET YOU!!

Cut to sexytimes scenes and lols product placement. Sup Jergens cream and Dove deodorant. At least the Babe is smooth and smells great. 

OMGOMGOMG DANGER. Dammit. Bad Man and his crew came to interrupt Drake/Brown Boy's peeping tom session (did American Apparel sponsor the video too? I cannot get over the Babe's outfits)

I think something bad happens to Drake. I don't want to talk about it. Drake's next single better have a video featuring him escaping and coming back to Toronto.

What this video is all about: Don't cross lines and listen to the Wise Guys in your life.

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