Monday, June 21, 2010

The countdown begins

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Dress: DVF
LIKE ZOOOMIIIGAWWWD YOU GUYS I leave for Paris in (almost precisely) one week!! And my facial expression right now is basically a perfect replica of what you are seeing in this photo. But there is a never ending list between me and my arrival. I have a camera. I have a phone. I have a 50% black wardrobe. I have an enormous shoe all I need to figure out is like, oh y'knoooow, what to pack, my budget, places to visit, places to SHOP (dammit. my budget just doubled). So I'm doing some serious searching above and beyond what my Lonely  Planet guide has to offer. First stop? The first lady blogger of Paris...Garance DorĂ©.

The vintage store she talks about already has me drooling. CAN.NOT.WAIT.
Ondine #3

PS anyone out there have any tips or places to go? I would love to hear it!

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