Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's cool on the playground, but I really wanna see her on the weekend

With Paris Couture week all wrapped up and my disappointment over the fact that I was unable to go to a single show softened by the offerings at the local boulangerie, I am finally able to write about the haute haute fashions. 

If there's ever a time to call fashion an 'art', couture is it. The time spent on each piece is incredible, people either have a very strong love or distaste for what they see, and owning a couture piece is more or less the sole privilege of members of the billionaire's club; unfortunately a recession makes us crave Topshop and H&M over $100,000 gowns. 

So WHO dear readers are wearing these things?! Well, one mass market is the ladies of the annual Crillon Ball, a Debutante ball held in Paris each year and if you're interested, the 2010 festivities will take place on November 27. Just dying for a place amongst the (approximately) 25 young, hella rich and hopefully fabulous? Well first you must fit the following requirements: fantastic parentage, fantastic wealth, fantastic accomplishments, oh, and a fantastic figure....couture doesn't exactly cater to the fast food nation (I am still processing this final one too - does this mean some poor little rich girl out there was told 'oh honey no, a size ten just won't do'? BLECH).

But I digress, I have found the perfect couture ensembles for our soon-to-be ladies of high society. C'est super, non?

Miss Baby I'm Selfish: She wants the biggest and baddest dress. Let's face it, the more space you take up, the more you get noticed.
 Dress: Christian Dior
 Dress: Valentino

Miss Gothic Glam: Just because you're rich doesn't mean you can't be a moody teen
Dress: Jean Paul Gaultier
Dress: Givenchy

Miss Sexy Can I: C'mon, you remember what it was like when the curves started to show up.....who DIDN'T want to show that off?!
Dress: Elie Saab

Miss All That Glitters: The sparkle trend isn't going anywhere. These ones just happen to be hand stitched. 
Dress: Alexis Mabille
Dress: Armani Privé

Miss Cute Couture: Why act older than you already are? Dakota Fanning is proving that acting your age is SO hot right now. 
Dress: Chanel
Dress: Valentino

And finally, let's not forget Mommy Dearest! We all know how hard she worked to make this happen, surely she deserves a little couture herself!

Armani Privé
 Jean Paul Gaultier
Bouchra Jarrar
Alexis Mabille

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