Monday, July 12, 2010

Vintage Delights ft. Berny Demore

 I am officially in adoration of Parisian vintage. The shopping is such an experience. You file through the clothing, meticulously examining each piece and ooohing and aaahing over how amazing it is that a YSL smoking could actually be available for 150 euro (no but seriously, HOW is it possible??!), but in the end find maybe ten items to try on. Of course, only five fit decently because the sizes are so different from what we have now and you feel totally foolish for daring to try on a 36. But there is simply no time to care about your foolishness because THEN you find that one piece that was somehow made for you, and it is the most exhilarating feeling. When it looks so good and you can't help but say something along the lines of, 'HOW could someone possibly sell this thing? And at THIS price?!!', well, you know it's a keeper. 

So on a lazy Sunday me and two of my girlfriends went to one of the only open vintage stores in Paris, Thanx God I'm a V.I.P. (I know, that name, but I SWEAR the stock makes up for it)....and it was just the kind of Parisian vintage experience you dream of. The best part by far was their shoe collection, because amongst the Louboutins and Diors was another brand that left us all head over heels (pun intended) in love. 

Berny Demore is a shoe company created by designers Nicolas Berny and Alain Demore that has recently come to an end due to a buyer making an exorbitant purchase and unexpectedly canceling it at the last minute (I got this story from the owner of T.G.I.A.V.I.P., who was a personal friend of one of the designers). The company was unable to cover the losses and their shoes have sadly become a part of fashion history. Formerly retailing at about 500 euros (for the record, we purchased them at a fraction of that) these shoes easily live up to the price and are absolutely DIVINE. Each pair is so unique and so gorgeous I purchased one and am already anxious to go back and buy another.

I can't wait to put together the perfect outfit for you all so I won't be showing off my new pair just yet, BUT here are some photos of another pair that I was also in L.O.V.E. with (but, as is often the way with vintage, they were just a touch too small). Enjoy and book your flights to Paris ASAP!!

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