Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ready to be a beach bum

I leave Paris in a week for ten days of much needed beach time. I know, I know, I can hear you all already - 'Oh pleeeeeease! How can more vacation be 'much needed' when you are ALREADY on vacation?!' Let me break it down for you. Yes Paris is beautiful, but as a Canadian girl it is becoming increasingly hard to ignore my desire to escape this amazing cosmopolitan landscape for one filled with muskoka chairs, docks and BBQs. Obviously this desire has been subdued by the food, shopping, museums and gorgeous people this city has to offer but my Canadian cravings are starting to take over and while Europe may not have a cottage country, I will certainly take a beach. 

That said, my Parisian shopping excursions have definitely done their bit to help me prepare for my seaside chaise lounge. Between the vintage flea markets and specialized boutiques I am a firm believer that this city can put you on the best dressed list for any occasion. Even if that occasion is lounging. 

 Vintage straw clutch from Thanx God I'm A V.I.P.
60s vintage YSL scarf from La Jolie Garde Robe, the BEST vintage store in Paris as far as I'm concerned. I cannot wait to come back here in 20 years and buy all the beautiful items I could not afford.
Reading material: British Vogue. After my frustrations concerning American Vogue's April issue I started buying British Vogue monthly and I absolutely ADORE it. While still a fan of Anna and the gang, the layout, articles and shoots in the UK version are impeccable. You can count on me purchasing a subscription as soon as I return to T.O.
Princesse tam tam bikini! The dream has been realized. It's gorgeous, fits beautifully, and considering the last one in this style was in my size, I would like to take this moment to thank the SOLDES Gods.
Sunglasses: Persol
Sunscreen: Life Sunthera 3. If you are a Canadian and have yet to try out our trusty Shopper's Drug Mart house brand sunscreen, go buy some now. It smells so good you will actually want to stay indoors slathering it on 20 minutes before sun exposure (well, maybe you will want that I think about it, does anyone actually follow that rule?)

Blouse: Anthropologie
The final look. xoxo and hope you are all having amazing summers!

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