Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pretty Please....Princesse tam tam Swimwear

I am a total lingerie girl. There is just something so delightful about putting on a gorgeous lingerie set that fits just right; because let's be honest, having your girls in a beautifully made, properly fitting bra is the ultimate confidence booster. Swimsuits, however, are not really my thing. Even the size large is often somehow teeny tiny and I am frequently left wondering if I accidentally stumbled into the Juniors section. Lucky for me, many lingerie companies are offering up their own swimsuit lines, and a personal Parisian favourite of mine is the gorgeous summer collection from Princesse tam tam.

I first discovered Princesse tam tam when I was 14 and visiting Paris with my family. It was my very first 'grown up' bikini (for the record, it was grown up because it was NOT a tankini/sports bikini/other types of bikinis that aren't really bikinis.....aka this one said 'watch out world, in the next few years I'm gonna be a LADY'). So now I'm back in Paris, a lady for REAL this time (at least I think so) and Princesse tam tam is still delivering the goods when it comes to that perfect fit in both swimsuits and lingerie.The sales are hot so hopefully I'll find a fabo new bikini to purchase sometime soon, but until then let's all swoon over a few of my favourite shots from the summer swimwear collection.

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