Thursday, July 1, 2010

Step by step

It's been crazytimes since I arrived and I am definitely still adjusting to the Parisian lifestyle, but instead of burdening you guys with the downs, let's just focus on the ups, which happen to include an amazing exhibit on Yves Saint Laurent at the Petit Palais (the highlight for me was a full wall of every version of the 'Smoking'....UNREAL) I could not get enough of this, I seriously wish they had let me take photos because the presentation of this exhibit was so beyond. But at the same time, I sincerely feel that you all should just jet over to Paris and see the thing for yourself. Luckily though, photos were allowed of the outside and cause this place is a PALACE it made for some fab shots!

The view of the gardens as I ate lunch. Aaaaaahmazing.

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